Wait times to create a vascular access drop 35-50%

Improving our incidence and prevalence rates for permanent vascular access on hemodialysis has been an FHA wide goal.

As part of our strategy to improve our rates, we looked at the wait times to get an access created.  We figured that if we could get an AV access created faster for patients on hemodialysis, our prevalence rates would improve.  And if we could ensure that wait times for patients with advanced chronic kidney disease were better, we’d see less people starting hemodialysis before their AVF was ready to be used, thereby improving our incidence rates.

As a result of a collection of strategies including a) more dedicated vascular access nurses, b) greater collaboration with our surgical colleagues and c) the implementation of a novel process of expedited vascular access creation under regional block or local aneasthesia with recovery outside the post-anesthetic care unit, we’ve noticing striking improvements in wait times from referral to vascular access creation.  Between January and September 2013, we’ve seen surgical creation wait times decrease from 138 days to 91 days for patients referred to the Surrey program and 111 to 95 days in the Abbotsford program.