Update on Home Hemodialysis Referrals

This post is contributed by Terry Satchwill BHSc, Manager, Renal Services (Peritoneal Dialysis, Home Hemodialysis, Kidney Care Centre, Renal Care Coordinators)

The FHA Renal program is trying to ensure that all patients who may be candidates for Home Hemodialysis (HHD) can get timely access to the program.

One of the first steps to get onto home hemodialysis is to get referred. So here’s a quick review of the referral process, the referral form, the inclusion/exclusion criteria and some quick facts.

In addition, information pamphlets, DVD’s and posters are available. Please call the HHD office (604-777-8734) to replenish supplies if any are running low & we will arrange to have them delivered to your unit.

We are pleased to announce up-coming education sessions called Hidden Treasures of Home Hemodialysis. The goal of these sessions is to educate staff and physicians about the benefits of HHD, to clarify the processes of referral, to give you an opportunity to meet some of the current HHD patients and hear their stories and to generally dispel some of the myths that surround HHD. Our HHD educators are making arrangements with your local renal educators to come to your areas starting in February. Watch for the dates!

Some quick facts:

• Referrals can come from anyone on the interdisciplinary team or the patient.
• If your patient is somewhat hemodynamically unstable this does not necessarily mean they will not do well on HHD. As a matter of fact they may do better!
• Patients do not necessarily need a helper and do not need to own their own home to be candidates for HHD.
• The HHD team will consult with the patients’ primary nephrologist as to their suitability for HHD.
• At the moment, we have 2 training sites- TCDU & PCDU

Nephrologist order to refer to HHD
• Complete application form & fax with the order to HHD office at 604-464-1403
• if time is limited, just fax the referral order to the same number

Referral to Home Hemodialysis Team
• Complete application form & fax to HHD office at 604-464-1403
• Phone call to HHD office (604-777-8734) stating patient name (with spelling) & dialysis unit

Patient expression of interest
• Patient can call the HHD office directly & leave their name & phone number or the name of their dialysis unit
• Patient can ask their nurse, social worker, dietitian or nephrologist to refer them & follow the process above

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