Transplant results for Fraser Health

We’re quite interested in tracking our performance for various key outcomes in our program.   Transplantation is felt to be a really important outcome given the significant health benefits it can provide for many of our patients.   We have just been able to obtain our own results compared to those of the rest of the province of British Columbia.

To summarize a lot of data:

For preemptive transplantation, we’re at 0.8%/year compared to a mean of 1.2% for the province.
For transplantation after dialysis, we’re at 4.3%/year compared to a mean of 5.5% for the province.
Please note that no statistical tests were performed when comparing these numbers, so it’s certainly possible these number differ simply by chance alone.  We include all patients with GFR <25 ml/min in our denominator when determining rates of preemptive transplant and include all patients on dialysis in our denominator for rates of transplant after dialysis.

We appeared to outperform the rest of the province for time between first dialysis and transplant referral with 27.7 months for FHA vs 37.3 mths for BC.  We also slightly outperformed for time between first dialysis and the receipt of a kidney transplant:

Health Authority    DD       LD        Total
Fraser Valley           53.8    22.5      39.2 months
All BC                          57.8    24          44.1 months

Our more rapid time to transplantation is encouraging given the data which suggests that a faster transplant translates into better results for our patients.  We will be discussing targets we’d like to hit and strategies for doing so.  I’ll share our plans and ask for the support of the FHA renal program in continuing to improve our performance with respect to transplantation.


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