Surgical PD Clinic Come to ARH

The PD program has been pushing to increase access to services for patients in Fraser East.  While we’ve been able to rapidly expand the medical aspects of PD care in the Abbotsford Hospital, we’ve been slower to ramp up surgical support.

I’m excited to report that as of February 2012, Dr. Peter Blair will be seeing patients in a “Surgical PD Clinic”.  This clinic will ensure that patients needing a PD catheter surgically inserted or who need a hernia repaired to facilitate PD, can see a surgeon in consultation much closer to home.  Previously, all patients needed to travel to New Westminster to seek surgical consultation.

For the time being, we’ve been unsuccessful in securing OR time at ARH to have surgery performed so patients will still need to travel to RCH for the required surgery.  But we will continue to work to arrange surgical time at ARH.


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