Revising the Referral Process to KCC

Revising the Referral Process to KCC

Our kidney care centre, offered for patients with significant chronic kidney disease, it undergoing a redesign process in order to improve the achievement of our therapeutic goals and efficiency of clinic function.

Most recently the process of referral to our Kidney Care Centre (KCC) has been reviewed.

Several of the major goals of KCC are to encourage timely referral for transplant and vascular access, as well as education and referral to home dialysis modalities (for those patients destined to reach end-stage renal disease).  However, achieving these ends are often delayed with the multiple steps required to move a patient and their referral through our clinic system.

As part of our redesign process, we have also redesigned our Kidney Care Centre referral form.  Download the KCC Referral Form, Revised.

This new form will:

1) Allow more granular prioritizing of the timing of KCC appointments to ensure patients with more urgent needs are seen more urgently

2) Ensure that patients with GFR ≤ 20 ml/min who would not be appropirate for PD, transplant  or conservative care are referred for vascular access creation.  This is part of our strategy not to offer suboptimal care which results when patients start dialysis via a central line.

3) Facilitate provision of supportive care and medications including dietary counselling, anemia therapies, phosphorus binders and sodium bicarbonate.

Will keep you posted regarding more exciting changes in our Kidney Care Centres.


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