Renal Program Clinical program Indicator (You’re Flagged)

This guest post was written by Kim Norman, BA (hons) Nursing who is the Clinical Nurse Educator for ARHCC and ACDU Hemodialysis Units in the Fraser Health Renal program.

There is  increasing interest in health informatics and communication technologies to support collaboration in healthcare delivery in order to improve patient outcomes. The costs associated with inefficient communication can result in not only inefficient time management but also suboptimal or delayed treatment.

The care of patients in the current healthcare environment inevitably involves a multidisciplinary approach from admission to discharge. The delivery of health care involves multiple health care professionals including physicians, nurses, pharmacists among many others. The patient often becomes the chief source of communication for complex medical situations, meaning transitions between units will create an opportunity for healthcare errors. As a result, all health care professionals involved need to share patient information and discuss their management .

Within the FHA Renal Program there have been many gaps in communication when chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients are admitted to acute care facilities.  Having a health informatics system known as a CPI (Clinical Program Indicator) applied within the Renal Program should facilitate practice improvement initiatives, validate required services and assist in knowledge transfer by improving the accessibility and quality of information. This is a very simple technology – when a patient enrolled in the Renal program is admitted to hospital, their chart is automatically flagged and all members of the renal team are alerted to the admission.  With this information in hand, the team can make sure the patient receives appropriate care and follow-up on discharge.

The cost of the CPI planning and implementation within the FHA Renal Program is estimated at $1100 for the technology (this does not include the staff training).


The CPI is currently being implemented in all our Renal sites to facilitate transfer of knowledge and communication between Renal inpatient units and outpatient units.  We have seen patients with chronic kidney disease followed by the Kidney Care Centre (KCC) who have been discharged home from an acute care facility with very low GFR. As a result of the CPI alerting system, they have successfully and rapidly been followed up by KCC staff and transitioned to dialysis without deteriorating as an outpatient or ending up in the emergency department .

Please see the attached CPI proposal and education slides for implementation.


BC Nephrology Days Poster


Renal program CPI presentation

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Kim Norman CNE ARHCC and ACDU Hemodialysis Unit
Katie Cave PCC Peritoneal Dialysis
Sandra Davidson Unit Clerk Hemodialysis

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