Quality/Program targets

As members of the FHA renal team will see in this week’s “Program Update”, we will be focusing renewed attention to a few of our key program priorities.

As we’ve prioritized before, we will continue to focus on increasing uptake of independent modalities and decreasing the number of central venous catheters in use in our HD units.

Our goal for independent modalities is to reach a combined Peritoneal Dialysis and Home Hemodialysis rate of 33%.  We are currently at 30%, so have a bit of work ahead of us and will be calling on the entire program to support those patients wishing to transition to home dialysis.

We have been very successful in reducing our  PD peritonitis rates and are currently seeing patients, on average, with one episode every 43 months. Our goal here is to preserve this performance and target better than 1 episode in 40 months.

Lastly, for patients who have been on hemodialysis for more than six months, we are targeting an AVF/AVG prevalence rate of 63%. We are currently at 60%. We believe this can be achieved with the ongoing support of our teams.

We want to achieve these goals by August 31, 2016.  While these are certainly achievable goals, they will require focused attention and effort.