PD Prevalence Hits 30% in the FHA Renal Program

Our most recent home dialysis statistics from September 2012 are available and they are impressive.

We know that up to 50% of patients, give appropriate education and support, would choose home dialysis in the event they required renal replacement therapy.  Given that actual uptake of home dialysis is much lower, the FHA renal program has tried to enhance support for patients in their choice to pursue independent dialysis.

We detailed a multi-pronged approach to enhance home dialysis last year and I’m excited to share the fruits of our labour.

In October 2011, 2.3% of patients on dialysis in FHA were receiving home hemodialysis (HHD) and 26.5% were on peritoneal dialysis.  By the end of October 2012, our HHD rates were similar but peritoneal dialysis rates have climbed to 30%.  This gives an overall home dialysis prevalence of 32.3%.

This is a striking improvement and has only been achieved through an exceptional effort from all areas of our program.

My sincere thanks to everyone who has made the extra effort to support our patients.