Optimizing Interventional Radiology Referrals for Vascular Access

Back in November 2011, I posted that we would target some reasonably aggressive goals for AV access rate in the FHA renal program.

For those who don’t recal, we’re aiming for:

Incidence of AVF + AVG = 33% at 12 months and 40% by 24 months

Prevalence of AVG + AVG = 65% at 12 months and 70% by 24 months

We’re about 6 months away from our first target and still much work remains to be done.  I’m excited to announce the implementation of a triage tool that we hope will ensure our patients have their permanent AV access better maintained and salvaged when necessary.  It won’t help to create AVFs more quickly if we don’t make sure to avoid premature access failure.

So, we’re going to start using a new form (though it may be slightly modified).  This form provides radiology with additional clinical information regarding urgency of a patient’s need for intervention.  It also ties clinical paramaters to our provincial wait time guidelines that were developed by the BCPRA Vascular Access Working Group.

Download form

Our hope is that this will allow our IR colleagues to better triage our referrals and use their limited time & resources more efficiently.  Urgent cases should get seen urgently and cases that are less time sensitive can be done at a later date.



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