Goals of the Kidney Care Centre Redesign Process

As many of you may be aware, the Kidney Care Centre has been subject of a LEAN review and process redesign.

Just the other day we had a great discussion about the project and where it’s heading. ¬†As part of that discussion, we clarified that the Kidney Care Centre redesign process is focused on:

a) improving clinic efficiency using LEAN methodologies
b) slowing progression of chronic kidney disease to avoid the need for renal replacement therapy
c) maximizing the number and optimizing the timing of pre-emptive transplants, where possible
d) ensuring that all patients are educated, supported and encouraged to achieve dialysis via independent modalities, where possible
e) ensuring that for patients who start dialysis on hemodialysis, we maximize number of optimal starts using an AV fistula (and avoid hazardous and suboptimal hemodialysis starts via a central line)
f) ensuring patients & families who elect conservative care are assisted with the appropriate end-of-life care planning & services
Now the hard part is making this all happen…
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