Diane Watson Visits FHA Renal and Shares Her Successes in Optimizing Urgent Dialysis Starts

The FHA Renal Team was pleased to host Diane Watson, NP from the University Health Network (UHN) in Toronto, Ontario.  Diane has been working for many years with patients who have started dialysis suboptimally in hospital.  Her results are nothing short of miraculous.

We know that many patients would prefer home dialysis if given the opportunity.  At the same time, patients starting dialysis urgently never get the opportunity for the independence and improved quality of life we see with independent modalities.  Prior to starting her role as “transition nurse”, 87% of UHN patients starting dialysis urgently in-hospital ended up on in-centre hemodialysis and only 13% on home dialysis.

Since the start of her work, the UHN is now seeing only 37% patients remaining on in-centre hemodialysis with 63% migrating to home or independent dialysis.

I should point out that I had the opportunity to work with and learn from Diane when I was a medical resident and Nephrology trainee.  Not only does she facilitate choice and better outcomes for her patients, but she has a marvelous way with patients and her families, providing them with reassurance and hope.

Diane spent 2 days with our renal team –  1 day of workshops with a large multi-disciplinary group and a second day of rounds with the medical staff.  Our program was energized by her presentation in a way I haven’t seen before.  I’m exceptionally optimistic we’ll have the opportunity to learn from and adopt some of her techniques in order to provide our patients who start dialysis in an unexpected fashion with the best possible outcomes.

Not only does her care result in better patient choice and outcomes, but it is also highly cost effective.  The UHN experience suggests that her work saves exceptionally large sum that can be reinvested into other areas of the renal program.

For anyone who did not have the opportunity to attend, I’ve included her presentation here:

Vancouver 2012 Increasing use of Home Dialysis



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